Taylor Duke

Taylor Chapman


Taylor has been practicing for almost 4 years and is experienced in the treatment of childhood diagnoses including anxiety and depressive disorders, ODD, ADHD, disruptive mood and impulse control disorders, and adjustment disorders. She works in the CLIMB Pre-K program with 4–6-year-old children. She teaches mood regulation techniques and coping skills so that children may effectively cope with family stressors, impulsivity, and traumatic events that accompany these diagnoses using Conscious Discipline techniques and other age-appropriate interventions. She has a certification/training in Crisis Prevention Intervention and regularly researches new and evidence-based techniques to incorporate in treatment to meet each individual client’s needs. She received her master's degree from Southern Arkansas University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Taylor works with the mindset that there are no bad children, just good children who need a helping hand to make difficult choices and overcome obstacles that are often out of their control. The children she has worked with come from all walks of life and if she can do one thing, she wants to be able to help you and your child reach a higher level of mental health and wellness as a family.

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