In addition to your rights while receiving treatment, you also have a number of responsibilities to yourself and to Ouachita Behavioral Health & Wellness.

  1. You have the responsibility to participate actively and honestly in your treatment. In many cases, particularly when the client is a child or adolescent, effective treatment requires active involvement and participation of parents or other family members.
  2. You have a responsibility to be on time for your scheduled appointment and to give 24-hour notice if you will be unable to keep an appointment.
  3. If you are receiving medication management services and therapy services are recommended as a part of your treatment plan, you are expected to keep therapy appointments. If you do not keep recommended therapy appointments, you may be referred out for medications management.
  4. You have the responsibility to treat other clients and OBHAW personnel with dignity and respect.
  5. No weapons are allowed on OBHAW property.
  6. You are responsible for asking questions about any policy, procedure, or treatment which you do not understand or with which you do not agree.
  7. You are responsible for carefully reading and understanding any papers you may be asked to sign in relation to your treatment.
  8. You have the responsibility to honor your financial contract by paying for the services you receive at the agreed-upon times and/or terms. You are responsible for providing OBHAW with all information necessary for billing other payers. If services are not covered by Medicaid or insurance, you are responsible for payment.
  9. Medicaid RSPMI payments may be denied based on third party payer’s policies or rules.
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