Come See Us

Come to a Ouachita Behavioral Health & Wellness walk-in clinic or receive a referral to our services.

Tell Us Your Story

Your first appointment with a Mental Health Professional at Ouachita Behavioral Health & Wellness with feel a little bit like an interview. We want to hear your story, and find out where our services might fit into that story.

Placement with a Therapist

Our Walk-In Clinic Mental Health Professional will partner you with a therapist for your ongoing treatment at Ouachita Behavioral. Health & Wellness.

Treatment Plan & Goals

You and your therapist will work together to develop personalized goals and a plan for how to achieve those goals through treatment.


Based on the plan you and your therapist develop, you will participate in various types of treatment Ouachita Behavioral Health & Wellness.


We hope that you will quickly begin to see change in your own life and find healing.

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