Why Choose OBHAW?


Comprehensive Services, Individualized Approach

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose OBHAW as your source for counseling is our approach treatment. We believe that everyone can heal and we have the resources to help you get there. Helping you get better is what we’re passionate about.

All of our providers, from our licensed counselors to our psychiatrists, use a customized approach to care. We work in partnership with clients to develop treatment plans. This means that your treatment goals and the plan for how to achieve them is created with you as a central part of the process. Our belief is that individual-centric treatment is the most effective.

We employ a team of 170 professionals, many of whom specialize in a specific area of treatment. Our connections in the communities we serve also makes care coordination with other care providers simple.

Innovative Future

The healthcare industry is changing and OBHAW is working hard to stay ahead of the curve. Over the next 12-18 months we are planning to make a number of changes to our programs and services that will help us provide better healthcare services to our community. We believe that innovation requires being intentional. Our Leadership Team works tirelessly to ensure that OBHAW is creating new, innovative services that will help us serve our communities better.

Long History in the Community

The OBHAW team has been a part of the South-Central Arkansas community for almost 50 years. We understand this region and its people. Our team’s faithful service in Arkansas has been an invaluable asset to this part of our State.