Trauma Informed Care



What is Trauma?

A traumatic event is one in which a person experiences (witnesses or is confronted with)

  • Actual or threatened death
  • Serious injury
  • Threat to the physical integrity of self or another

Trauma is something that overwhelms our coping capacity. An individual’s experience of trauma impacts every area of human functioning-physical, mental, behavioral, social, and spiritual.

Trauma is treatable and there are many evidence-based models designed to treat types of trauma, and behavioral health problems that go along with it.

OBHAW has therapists trained and certified for the treatment of trauma for both children and adults. OBHAW is offering new and innovative way to help decrease symptoms of trauma services we offer to help those overcome the manifestations of trauma are as follow:

Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Adults

This is an evidenced based treatment for complex trauma and complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This technique brings together health and wellness in both mind and body using mindfulness techniques. Yoga and Mindfulness are shown to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mental clarity, build strength and flexibility, improve self-esteem and body image as well as promote self-discipline and self control. This gives youth tools that helps develop self control which positively affects school performance and can decrease juvenile incarceration. Adults of all ages may participate.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Trauma for Adults

This approach aids adults in achieving specific changes or goals. People often experience thoughts or feelings that reinforce or compound faulty beliefs. The focus is on the person’s current views and beliefs about their life changes or goals might involve a way of feeling: like helping a person to be less scared, less depressed or less anxious. Length of treatment can be anywhere between 3-12 months.


When I realized there was something not quite right going on with me, I found Ouachita Behavioral Health and Wellness. Yes, I am a very grateful client.

Not being able to get a grasp on my thinking and my thoughts, my whole self was in disarray. I finally said “NO” I’m not going on like this anymore, something has got to give. My anxiety and PTSD were getting the better of me. What little peace and serenity I did have in myself and my life were gone!

With all this being said, I went to the center, was placed with a counselor. She knew right away that I was bounded with my emotions and thoughts. She suggested something I personally haven’t heard of. It was Trauma Informed Yoga. With a blank then confused look on my face, I thought ‘Really’?

My counselor asked me to try it and if I didn’t like it there’s no obligation. She explained with all my physical health problems she assured me it was at my own permissible extent and pace. So I agreed.

The first class, of course, my anxiety was out there. But it passed. I felt a calming come over me that I haven’t felt for a very long time. Towards the of that one class, I was like ‘WOW’! There it is… some relief some peace.

What I so desperately needed is now with me again. I am not cured by any means. There is not a cure, but there is help and relief. I urge everyone struggling in their life to come try it. Come get the PEACE of your
own self back….You Deserve That
I am still a patient