Psychological Evaluations for Bariatric Surgery


Psychological Evaluations for Bariatric Surgery

Pre Bariatric psychological evaluations are usually required by your surgeon and your insurance company.  Most surgeons recognize that weight loss surgery is not only medical issues, but also a life-changing event.  Your surgeon wants to make sure that you are emotionally ready for the surgery and that you understand the surgery risks and outcomes and have the support needed to make lifestyle and behavioral changes after surgery.  An evaluation ensures that you are:

-Able to make such a decision

-Understand the consequences of your decision

-Have no underlying psychological conditions that would prohibit you from adhering to the life changes that are required following surgery

Please contact Amy Wolf at 501-620-5159 if your physician has referred you for a psychological evaluation or print out the referral sheet found here and give to your physician to fill out and fax to us.  If you have any questions about our processes Amy will be happy to speak with you.   Although most insurances pay for the evaluation, our financial intake specialists can answer questions in regards to your insurance coverage and any out of pocket expenses you may have.

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