The OBHAW Team is committed to helping kids and teens get healthy. Our psychiatric services are designed to assist the healing process. Our on-staff doctors and nurses are passionate about using evidence-based treatments to make the therapeutic process more effective.

Our team works in partnership with each family to develop treatment goals and we use a customized mixture of medication and therapy to help kids get better.

How does Psychiatry Work?

During your treatment at OBHAW, you may be referred to see one of our psychiatrists. Our staff will work with you to find a time for you to see one of our doctors.

Your first appointment with one of our doctors will feel a little bit like an interview. Our doctor wants to hear your story and will ask you questions about your family and medical history, your experiences, and how they’re feeling on the day of the appointment.

At the end of the appointment, the doctor may talk with you about the possibility of using medication to assist in your healthcare. They will discuss the purpose of the medication and its side-effects with you to make sure that you feel fully informed.