Distance Counseling Services


Distance Counseling Services

Technology can now be used to overcome barriers to getting help.   We have counselors that are trained in technology assisted counseling.  This means that we can see you for counseling in your own home or another office using a web camera.  Clients will have a special link that they will have access to through their own laptop or computer (must have a camera) to log in and talk to their  counselor face to face through the internet.    This new service can help those who have difficulty with transportation, live a long distance, or  has difficulty getting out of their home.   For more information please contact us at 501-624-7111.

OBHAW Criteria that must be met for Distance Counseling

Client has a basic understanding of computer and keyboarding skills.

Client knows how to access and navigate the internet.

Client has access to the following:

A computer with a webcam.

An active personal email account.

A pair of headphones.

A monitor that is at least 20 inches diagonally.(for Medicaid Only)

High-speed internet access. (DSL; Cable; and/or Fiber)

Confidential space.

Not currently suicidal, homicidal, manic, under the influence alcohol/drugs, and/or experiencing psychotic symptoms.


*Certain insurance companies have different requirements for this service.